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THIS IS AWESOME! The characters are so funny and charming in their own weird ways, the art is absolutely lovely (Kamika makes great presentations!), and the dialogue is so amazing  aiusndudfnui I love everything about this <3 The voice acting is on point, the voice actors make some lines funnier, more dramatic and put a lot of feeling into it. I played through the "get the annoying demon out of my room" route first, and when I played through Kamika's route next... my heart just broke. D':

Overall, this is a positively lovely game <3

Interesting idea for the story

Great lookin g sprites with animated face expresions and well done CGs. All the girls are cute <3 and the voice acting is very good.

Some of the event are so funny thet I had problem to stop laughing

I don't know the 1st game in the series so I may don't understand a few references but I still think that the story is great... and funny. (I played "Our Home" and it was amazing.)

Characters are great. I love them all. They all have unique personaloties, styles and backstories. All the girls are super-cute. My favourites are Kamika and Yumi. 

And I like when the game has a least few choices and few endings :) . So I made a few choices a got a few endings... but my favourite is the one which allows us to undersand her motives(scenes after Kamika's party). 
I'd never say her backstory is so sad (I wanted to hug her) and now I know why she behaved the way she did.

<3 <3 <3 <3

I only wish it was yuri game and they would kiss in good ending xD


Hello Watercress not sure if you remember me as, it's been a really long time since we talked.  I let's played your game our home a long time ago and, tried to support your game ahh my girlfriend is a demon. I also let's played  a story from cautionary tale on my second channel. I have now let's played some of your current title on said second channel Late Night Gaming. I will always try to support your games and, I hope this  title does well for maximum monster month 2. If you ever make a horror visual novel that has big creepy elements I would love to let's play it on my main channel.  Wish you all the best as always!


make one for android