Update: v1.01

We have released a quick patch (v1.01) addressing some  of the launch-day issues.

  • Voice exceptions are patched out
  • We deleted extraneous files to reduce file size
  • Various music and sfx fixes, including on the title screen
  • And most important, PENTAGRAMS! See S⛧Tan's dumb idol name as it was meant to be seen!

There are still concerns we want to sort out, namely involving missing voice lines, but that will wait until the conclusion of the Maximum Monster Month game jam judging process.  Please enjoy our slightly-more-polished product for now!


Tutty The Fruity, Project Co-Lead and Co-Concept


Ah-My-Girlfriend-is-a-Demon-Summoned-from-the-Depths-of-Hell-1.01-pc.zip 420 MB
Dec 12, 2017
Ah-My-Girlfriend-is-a-Demon-Summoned-from-the-Depths-of-Hell-1.01-mac.zip 406 MB
Dec 12, 2017

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