A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The full game has been released! Get it here: https://watercress.itch.io/afofas

A collaboration between Watercress, Somnova Studios, and Sarchalen Visual Media for Yurijam 2019

Raine, a genius mechanic with a lust for adventure, thrives in the frontier of space accompanied only by her shipborne AI navigator. Well into her travels, she makes a critical error while piloting, jumping through an unstable wormhole and crash-landing on an unknown planet. There, she makes first contact with a young species of sentient beings that look a lot like humans with a hint of… goat? To return to her home, Raine must repair her ship before the wormhole closes. However, in this unfamiliar place, she makes a friend that forces her to question what she really wants.


  • Voice Acting
  • Three scenes
  • A multitude of CGs
  • Original Backgrounds, Sprites, and Soundtrack


This game is currently unavailable